//Daddy Yankee Support After Hurricane María

Daddy Yankee Support After Hurricane María

In early September 2017, Feeding America announced a partnership with global superstar, singer and producer, Daddy Yankee to support Hurricane María disaster relief efforts. Daddy Yankee pledged a $100,000 donation and is asking his fans to join by making a donation and help provide much needed aid to Puerto Rico, which has been devastated by the widespread, catastrophic flooding of Hurricane Maria.

Daddy Yankee, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and who lives full-time on the island, has teamed up with Feeding America to provide both immediate and on-going relief to victims of recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

“As a Puerto Rican who lives on the island, I felt the call, that the rebuilding of my country has to be for a long term. In this initial phase, I want to make sure that every person has a plate to eat. In the long run, my commitment is to work to ensure that the largest number of families on the island have a safe roof,” said Daddy Yankee.

Monetary donations to Feeding America help provide much-needed food and nourishment to families in Puerto Rico. To join Daddy Yankee and Feeding America’s disaster relief efforts, visit www.feedingamerica.org/daddyyankee

Donations made through Daddy Yankee’s Fundraising page will support disaster relief efforts and the local food bank, Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico.

To join Daddy Yankee and Feeding America’s disaster relief efforts, you can make a donation through Daddy Yankee’s Facebook Live post.